Brandon Cook is now taking students of all levels. Styles include: Rock, Metal, Foundational Jazz and Blues. Send a message for scheduling and fees.

  • Brandon has been teaching since the age of 15 and has 27 years experience teaching in a variety of settings: Private, Classroom (guitar and rock band ensemble), personal phone consultations and Skype/Video lessons.
  • Brandon teaches Electric and Acoustic styles and Bass.



Brandon is a skilled rock n roll guitarist that has worked extensively in many styles: Funk, Pop, Country, Acoustic and Heavy Rock. With his background in Jazz Studies at PSU, Brandon can help you find all the sounds, colors and textures you want and find it quickly.


In the live performance world, Brandon Cook should come to mind for authentically recreating the music that you’ve created. If you have very tightly arranged parts that require reading or if it’s loose and improvisational, Brandon can bring your songs to life and do it with teamwork and professionalism. His stage presence and commitment to excellence are unparalleled. Mr. Cook has accurately learned and performed 2 hours of music in less than a week.

Brandon has worked live on stage with these bands and players:

Original Bands

  • Black N Blue
  • State of Balance
  • The Loyal Order
  • MetalMorphosis

Tribute bands

  • Appetite for Deception – Guns N Roses Tribute
  • Jukebox Heroes – Foreigner Tribute

Past Groups include

  • Dilana
  • Chris Caffery Band
    • featuring Jeff Plate (TSO/Savatage) Paul LaPlaca (The Great Kat), Nick Douglas (Doro), Mark Wood


  • The Loyal Order – TBA (2018) composer, guitars, 
  • MetalMorphosis – Volume I (2017) composer, guitars, bass, vocals, keys
  • Sarah Moon – Good Girls Sleep Alone (2016)
  • Dilana – Beautiful Monster contributed guitar solos (2014)
  • Various Artists – Studio guitar- Produced by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studios (2008-2012)
  • Dilana Robichaux – (yet to be named)-Produced by Jack Endino-Lead guitar-Guitar solos engineered by Brandon Cook (2012)
  • Heavy Hitters Outdoors – Internet Hunting Show-Composer, Lead/Rhythm Guitar. Produced by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studios (2012)
  • Live Undead-Slayer Tribute – promotional demo-Rhythm/Lead guitar, Produced by Chris Finster at Falcon Studios co-produced by Brandon Cook (2012)
  • Appetite for Deception – Guns n Roses tribute album- Lead guitar, backing vocals-Versailles Records- produced by Kevin Hahn for Opal Studios (2012)
  • John Thayer – (yet to be named)-Rhythm/Lead guitar, Produced by Rob Daiker and John Thayer (2011)
  • Harness – Demos-Lead guitar-Produced by Chris Finster and Bryan Wells at Geomana Studios (2011)
  • Pat Yadon – Solo Album-Lead guitar-Produced by Pat Yadon (2010)
  • State of Balance – Never A Slave EP-Rhythm/Lead guitar,Lead vocals, Bass, Produced by Chris Finster and Brandon Cook.  All music and lyrics by Brandon Cook(2007)
  • State of Balance – Demo ‘O5-Rhythm/Lead guitar,Lead vocals, Bass- Produced by Paul Lamb with Brandon Cook and Dustin Murray.  All music and lyrics by Brandon Cook (2005)


If you’re about to hit the studio and spend your hard-earned dollars on the music project of your dreams, you want to sound the best you can. Getting into rehearsal space with a trained professional could help take your project to the next level. Brandon has worked with many bands to help them get ready for the stage and the studio. Brandon can help get your songs and ideas ready to be transferred from dream to reality. Brandon is now offering that service for a reasonable price. In the end it will boost your reputation as being a valuable band and save you countless dollars in the studio.