Brandon Cook has been a name synonymous with excellent guitar playing for many years in Portland, Oregon.  He studied at Portland State University with Jerry Hahn, obtaining a Bachelor of Music in Performance.  After college, he studied with Marty Friedman(ex-Megadeth) and Al Pitrelli(ex-Megadeth, currently in Transsiberian Orchestra).  The training received here took Brandon’s playing to a much higher level.

Brandon worked with Chris Caffery for a short time allowing him to share the stage with several amazing musicians including:  Jeff Plate, Mark Wood, Alex Skolnick, Nick Douglas and Tim “The Ripper” Owens.

Since that time, Brandon returned to Portland and began focusing on teaching and projects like Appetite for Deception, one of the most authentic Guns n Roses tribute bands on the planet, State of Balance, his original metal band.

Brandon’s discography includes:

  • The Loyal Order – TBA (2018) composer, guitars, 
  • MetalMorphosis – Volume I (2017) composer, guitars, bass, vocals, keys
  • Sarah Moon – Good Girls Sleep Alone (2016)
  • Dilana – Beautiful Monster contributed guitar solos (2014)
  • Various Artists – Studio guitar- Produced by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studios (2008-2012)
  • Dilana Robichaux – (yet to be named)-Produced by Jack Endino-Lead guitar-Guitar solos engineered by Brandon Cook (2012)
  • Heavy Hitters Outdoors – Internet Hunting Show-Composer, Lead/Rhythm Guitar. Produced by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studios (2012)
  • Live Undead-Slayer Tribute – promotional demo-Rhythm/Lead guitar, Produced by Chris Finster at Falcon Studios co-produced by Brandon Cook (2012)
  • Appetite for Deception – Guns n Roses tribute album- Lead guitar, backing vocals-Versailles Records- produced by Kevin Hahn for Opal Studios (2012)
  • John Thayer – (yet to be named)-Rhythm/Lead guitar, Produced by Rob Daiker and John Thayer (2011)
  • Harness – Demos-Lead guitar-Produced by Chris Finster and Bryan Wells at Geomana Studios (2011)
  • Pat Yadon – Solo Album-Lead guitar-Produced by Pat Yadon (2010)
  • State of Balance – Never A Slave EP-Rhythm/Lead guitar,Lead vocals, Bass, Produced by Chris Finster and Brandon Cook.  All music and lyrics by Brandon Cook(2007)
  • State of Balance – Demo ‘O5-Rhythm/Lead guitar,Lead vocals, Bass- Produced by Paul Lamb with Brandon Cook and Dustin Murray.  All music and lyrics by Brandon Cook (2005)