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Writing for Expelling the Hellhounds

Recently, I pulled a song called “Energy Explodes” out and started reworking it.  State of Balance, my prog-alterna-metal-punk-fusion band, played it live a couple times.  The song was solid, but something wasn’t working.  I got out the test tubes and Bunsen burner and Wile E. Coyote (me) went back to the lab.  I started re-imagining […]

Get out your pen, before it’s gone…

Mile marker 59 Verse 1 I turn my gaze to the east at half past ten, last night’s talk revealed to me you like to pretend.  my hands rise to my hair feel the grip on my head. I thought if you hurt me again that I might be dead but ill survive… Chorus Reflective […]

Technique and Feel.

Have you ever had someone question your technique? You played the show of your life, all the solos and riffs came out great and yet some guy in the crowd says, “Bro, you gotta use your pinky more.” or “Man, you’d be able to do more if you wore your guitar higher.” Well, all those […]

Following Your Dreams

When I’m with friends, students and family alike, I am often sharing what I am doing to push myself forward in my business.  Yes, this is all a business.  It is fun and I get to do what I want for a living.  I share music with people all day.  I carry a guitar instead […]

Building a Roadmap

Guitar Lessons: When getting a new student rolling, I like to really get them talking about what the music they love, setting goals to reach for and then build a roadmap to get there. If someone likes country and wants to play like Brad Paisley, I would start with the solo on “ticks”. That solo […]

Such a Beautiful Day!

Really wakes up my senses and I feel appreciation for the positive people and things in my life. Even the non-positive has been bringing a lot of growth lately. Thanks to you too!